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My Favorite Android Apps

Everyone got new Android phones and tablets for Christmas so I thought I’d share some of my favorite games, applications, and tools. Each app icon is linked to the Android Market so feel free to click on them to learn more, look at screenshots, or install them straight to your device from the website. You don’t even need to look up the app on your device, just sign into the Android Market on your computer and it will install over the air! Enjoy your new devices, hope you had a merry Christmas, and have a happy New Year!

  • Age of Zombies - The best top-down zombie shooter out there! Once you finish the campaign, you’ll still keep playing the ‘Survival’ mode for hundreds of hours afterwards.
  • Cut the Rope - Feed the little green character Om Nom his candy by swiping away at your screen. Cut the ropes, avoid the obstacles, and get that candy to him quickly.
  • Plants vs. Zombies - Zombies are attacking your house and you have to defend it with 49 different kinds of plants that are at your disposal. There are tons of challenging levels and the game is just really funny.
  • World of Goo - There are millions of balls of goo just waiting for you to build them up into something great! Construct bridges, buildings, cannons, and more to complete the puzzles. Voted 2011’s Game of the Year
  • Words With Friends - Scrabble on steroids. Zynga did a great job making it easy to find and play with friends. Grab a dictionary and get spelling!

Go check out 25 more of my favorites after the break below. There’s plenty more to see!

  • Amazon Price Check - Quickly scan barcodes and type in items to check their price on for comparison.
  • Bank of America - Check your account balance, find ATMs and banking locations, and more. (Coming later in 2012 is the ability to deposit checks via smartphone camera so watch out for that)
  • GasBuddy - Find the cheapest gas around you via built in GPS or zipcode
  • Personal Finance - The safest, most convenient way of watching your finances. Setup a budget, pay off debt, track your spending, and lots more. It’s dead simple and there’s no excuse to not have this app.
  • Google Shopper - Look up products to find their price on multiple sites across the web. 

  • Google Music - Buy songs and albums, upload your own collection, and discover new music
  • Movies (Flixster) - Find theaters, lookup showtimes, buy tickets, watch HD trailers, and see what’s new to DVD.
  • Netflix - Stream movies straight to your phone or tablet with a monthly subscription.
  • RunPee - Go to the movies often? Find out what points in the movie are slow so you can run to the restroom. It also tells you if there are extra scenes or bonus features after the credits roll so you know whether to stick around.
  • Soundtracking - Hear a song on the radio and want to know what it is? Soundtracking does that and so much more. Share clips of songs with friends, see what music is trending, and add your friends so you can see what they listen to. Shazam and SoundHound are good but Soundtracking just does it better.
  • Honorable mentions: DoubleTwist (media player), AirSync (wirelessly sync your media from your PC/Mac to your device), and IMDb (movie database)

  • FXCamera - The best free app full of filters and fun for your photos.
  • Flickr - Take photos, apply filters, and easily share to Facebook and Twitter with ease.
  • Lightbox - The closest thing to Instagram until it hits the Android platform sometime this year. Your photo journal featuring filters, sharing, and editing galore.
  • Pano - When one photo can’t do something justice, take a couple and let Pano stitch them together into a masterpiece. Worth every penny.
  • Vignette - Add film camera effects to your photos. If you like retro, this is the app for you.

  • Any.DO - The most intuitive to-do list application for Android without a doubt. Do you like that satisfying paper list where you can scratch things off? Yea, this has that. Swipe through an item and feel that sense of accomplishment. Shake your device when your list is completed and see everything disappear completely.
  • Evernote - Remember that recipe you saw in a magazine? Wish you could have written down that person’s good idea? Evernote allows you jot down written text, record audio, and shoot photos for use later. It syncs online automatically and you can access your information from a computer, phone, or tablet. It’s great for taking notes in class and studying on the go or just remembering tidbits of information as you come across them. All your stuff becomes searchable and you can organize it into notebooks to your heart’s content.
  • Foursquare - Check-in to places and share where you’re going, discover new places you’ve never been before, get recommendations from friends, and even save money by searching for local deals exclusive to Foursquare users.
  • Twicca - The best Twitter client for Android. In-app photo viewing for many more sites than the official Twitter app supports, plugins to help customize the experience, and it’s very lightweight and fast. (Helpful Tip: Be sure to go into the settings and change the background from black to white)
  • Wunderground - The Weather Channel is old news. Wunderground (or Weather Underground) is the web’s first and oldest weather site. They recently released an Android app that is clean, easy to use, and extremely functional. I’m a huge fan and it’s not as annoying and bloated as The Weather Channel app.

  • Beautiful Widgets - Like to customize your experience? Want more detailed weather widgets? Want the time displayed in a different way? Look no further.
  • Documents to Go 3.0 - Opens Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your device and allows you to edit them on the go.
  • GO SMS Pro - Stop using the built-in messaging application now. GO SMS Pro features popup notifications, custom themes, better multimedia sharing options, and more customized settings for each of your contacts. It also allows you to easily backup and protect your text messages.
  • MightyText - As much as I like texting, it would be so much easier to receive and respond to to them on my computer. Installing MightyText on your computer and on your device allows your text messages to be sent from your device to your computer. You can respond using your computer’s keyboard and never have to worry about carrying your device around at home or at work just to keep a text conversation going. Leave it on the charger!
  • Prey Anti-Theft - If you’re reading this and you don’t install and setup Prey on your device, you’re asking for it. It’s free, it can track your device in case of theft, and can help you get it back. Sign up for an account online, go grab the app, and then you can track it remotely. (Helpful Tip: You can install Prey to track and monitor your computers as well. Go do that now.)

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